Alternative Floss Products Can Enhance Your Oral Care

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Because the act of flossing is the only dental habit that cleans the tight spaces in your mouth, it’s vital to the maintenance of your smile. However, many people find that flossing with traditional dental floss is challenging and doesn’t yield the results they need. Our team is happy to provide some alternative flossing options if you find that waxed dental floss is not right for you.

The small spaces between your teeth where a toothbrush can’t reach attract deposits of plaque that can inflame and disease your gums, resulting in dental complications such as chronic bad breath and damaged teeth and bones. Flossing every day is the most effective way to prevent plaque buildup.

To learn more about your options for flossing, you can speak with Dr. DeAnn Harmon-Smith or Dr. Katie Anthony about alternative products like floss picks and water flossing. If you are unfamiliar with water flossing, know that it’s a method of interdental cleaning that flushes plaque from your teeth and gums using a steady stream of water. Because water flossers come in a variety of attachments, you can easily find one that feels comfortable and achieves the results you need.

For more information about effective floss products in Watkinsville, Georgia, call 706-769-1659 today and arrange a visit to Oconee Dental, PC so that you and our dentist can discuss your flossing options.