Consider a Night Guard to Prevent the Effects of Bruxism

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Nighttime teeth grinding is a common dental problem for many patients. Formally referred to as bruxism, teeth clenching and grinding can significantly damage your teeth and wear them down, as well as cause daily headaches and earaches that cause you to feel uncomfortable and ill first thing in the morning. Bruxism is a harmful condition that shouldn’t be ignored, but many patients don’t know how to identify it or how to react.

Fortunately, our dentist can provide custom-made nighttime mouth guards to wear over your smile and prevent the effects of teeth grinding during sleep.

A night guard is an appliance similar to a retainer that covers your smile while you sleep to keep your top and bottom arches separate so that they can’t rub together and result in chronic teeth grinding. The nature of night guards is to prevent your teeth from coming to harm, and our dentist can help you determine if you suffer from the effects of bruxism and would benefit from a night guard.

If you are interested in receiving custom-made night guards at Oconee Dental, PC to effectively protect your teeth while you are asleep and preserve your teeth from nightly teeth grinding, we encourage you to call 706-769-1659 today and schedule a time to speak with Dr. Harmon-Smith or Dr. Anthony about our night guards in Watkinsville, Georgia.