Finding the Perfect Smile Means Finding the Perfect Snacks

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What you eat can have a tremendous effect on your oral health. Finding the perfect smiles means finding the perfect snacks. No only should you eat a diet full of healthy and nutritious foods, but also foods and snacks that are good for your oral health.

You should always limit your intake of sugar. Sugar has the nasty ability to be converted into harmful acids by bacteria in your mouth. These acids are capable of eating through your tooth enamel and causing cavities. However, avoiding all sugar entirely can be a difficult proposition in our modern world, specifically because there are many healthy fruits that have natural sugars. To better limit the effect that sugars can have on your oral health, look for foods that can neutralize its effects.

Crunchy foods with high water content are excellent choices to minimize the effects of harmful acids because they can easily wash away food particles and other debris in your mouth. This includes crunchy foods such as apples and pears. Another wonderful method for maintaining harmful acids is saliva. Saliva is made of substances that can neutralize harmful acids. To increase saliva production in your mouth, try sugarless chewing gum after meals.

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