Important Facts to Know About Teeth Whiteners

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When deciding which type of teeth whitening treatment you are going to use, always do your research and ask a professional beforehand. Some products may inadvertently bleach your gums or cause excessive tooth sensitivity. Also, never use a product in any way other than what is instructed. Here are some other important facts to know about teeth whiteners:

What are the three major teeth whitening treatment options?
– In-office professional treatments are considered the best-performing teeth whitening treatments available, as they are safe, customized to your dental profile, and administered directly by licensed professionals. At-home products given by your dentist are also efficient and safe. Over-the-counter products are unregulated and some can be potentially hazardous to your teeth and gums. Try to speak with your dentist before using store-bought treatments.

Why should we want whiter teeth?
– With teeth whitening treatments, you can enhance the shade color of your teeth, remove stains, enhance your feeling of self-worth and self-esteem, and make you more socially acceptable by potential employers, friends, and your peers.

TRUE or FALSE: Teeth whitening treatments may teeth tougher and more durable.
– This is false. Teeth whitening services are used to treat stains and improve discoloration issues. Teeth whitening products should never be used to prevent tooth decay or as a substitute to brushing or flossing.

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