Latent Complications from Tooth Loss Can Be Prevented by Installing a Dental Bridge

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Untreated tooth decay and severe oral trauma can sometimes be so extreme that the affected tooth simply cannot be viably treated with endodontic therapy. In these severe cases the only mode of treatment available to Dr. DeAnn Harmon-Smith and his team is to perform a total extraction.

Even if you learn to adapt to the impaired ability to chew, and any changes to your appearance or speech, the structural void could present complications in the future. If the change in dental structure in that part of your mouth is not addressed in a reasonable amount of time it could gradually cause the neighboring teeth to turn and alter their alignment.

As this orthodontic complication worsens the neighboring teeth could be prone to chips, dental fractures, and chronic condition. This could potentially result in tooth enamel attrition on multiple teeth in your bite pattern.

With proper professional attention Dr. DeAnn Harmon-Smith might be able to prevent these complications by installing a dental bridge. This type of dental work is essentially an artificial replacement tooth that is incorporated with two dental crowns. It is mounted on a pair of abutments formed from the two closest neighboring teeth.

After Dr. DeAnn Harmon-Smith prepares a pair of abutments from the two adjacent teeth, he will create an impression. This will help to guide the dental lab technicians who will create your dental bridge.

When it’s ready you will need to return to Oconee Dental, PC for a second appointment to have the dental bridge cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive. This will complete the treatment process and restore the natural function of the missing tooth.

If you live in the Watkinsville, Georgia, area and you have recently lost a tooth, you should call 706-769-1659 to have it restored at Oconee Dental, PC’s dental offices.