Latent Complications from Tooth Loss Can Be Prevented by Installing a Dental Bridge

Untreated tooth decay and severe oral trauma can sometimes be so extreme that the affected tooth simply cannot be viably treated with endodontic therapy. In these severe cases the only mode of treatment available to Dr. DeAnn Harmon-Smith and his team is to perform a total extraction. Even if you learn to adapt to the… Read more »

Alternative Floss Products Can Enhance Your Oral Care

Because the act of flossing is the only dental habit that cleans the tight spaces in your mouth, it’s vital to the maintenance of your smile. However, many people find that flossing with traditional dental floss is challenging and doesn’t yield the results they need. Our team is happy to provide some alternative flossing options… Read more »

I’m Pregnant: Can I Get an X-ray?

Most people know that radiation can cause cancer. That’s why we get numerous inquiries and voiced concerns from expectant mothers who need X-rays for dental treatments. We entirely recognize the concern, and we’d like to resolve it. First, please know that radiation from X-rays is very low and bears very little to no risk. Secondly,… Read more »

Yearly Oral Health Reminders: Dental Veneers

If you are looking for a highly effective tooth restoration treatment to improve your smile, consider dental veneers. Dental veneers are cosmetic dentistry enhancements that can cover, cap, or conceal the fronts of teeth for a customizable look designed with aesthetics at the forefront. Dental veneers typically rely on porcelain and resin materials to manufacture… Read more »

A Fractured Tooth Often Needs to Be Treated by a Dental Crown Restoration

A tooth can sometimes be fractured by something as simple as nibbling on a pencil or using your teeth to open a package. People who grind their teeth at night without the use of a protective dental guard are increasingly prone to suffering dental fractures. Even if the damage to the tooth enamel is minor,… Read more »

Mouthwash Basics

Brushing and flossing are important, critical ways to strengthen your oral health. If you’re brushing and flossing, we congratulate you! Have you thought about using mouthwash? If you want to strengthen your oral health, then it’s imperative to make sure that you’re using mouthwash. Mouthwash, also known as mouth rinse or dental rinse, is a… Read more »

Dental Essentials for Lovely Smiles

In our busy lives, it’s easy to let the little things slide. Every once in awhile it’s good to check in with yourself and make sure the little things are still in order. Here are some things to consider as you analyze your dental habits: Brush: Brush your teeth at least two times a day…. Read more »

Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry by Knowing the Answers to These Commonly Asked Questions

Many people want to achieve the smile they have always wanted, but they’re quite hesitant because they don’t know much about the treatments and the success rates. If you’re one of these people, our dentists are happy to tell you that cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile of your dreams. To help you know… Read more »

Dentistry in the 1900s: A Brief Timeline

Humans have been caring for their teeth for at least 14,000 years, but it wasn’t until the last 300 years or so that most of the advances in dentistry came into being. The 20th century, in particular, was one of enormous advances in dental technology. Here’s a brief timeline: 1903: An American dentist named Dr…. Read more »

A Terrific Toothpaste Timeline

Did you know that we humans have been cleaning our teeth for thousands of years? Before dental science existed, people understood the virtues of a clean smile. The following is a glimpse into the development of the toothpaste throughout the ages: ~3000-5000 B.C.: Before the invention of the toothbrush, Egyptians rub a teeth-cleaning concoction on… Read more »